Green Engineering

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Date 11/17/11



Name: Manuel Tejada
Activity: Sustainable Architectural Design
Course: Materials and Processes (CD220)
Instructor: Paul Debashis

Green engineering is a much-needed approach to transform existing engineering disciplines and practices to those that promote sustainability. The concept of sustainability is to develop and implement technologically and economically viable products, processes, and systems that meet the needs of humanity, while protecting the environment. Green engineering is governed by the following principles:
Use the least amount of energy to achieve any given task.
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This question is possible to answer because I have the specific location in mind. Considering that in the tropics the days are longer and the sun shines more. We'll assume that on an average day the solar panels generate their maximum power for 6 hours.
Now we are going to do some calculation of how much solar electricity I need to power this supermarket. This means that what I would be powering with solar electricity are things like the refrigerator, the lights, the computer, the TV, stereo equipment, motors in things like furnace fans and the washer, etc. Let's say that all of those things average out to 3000 watts on average. Over the course of 24 hours, you need 3000 watts * 24 hours = 72,000 watt-hours per day.
From our calculations and assumptions above, we know that a solar panel can generate 70 milliwatts per square inch * 5 hours = 350 milliwatt hours per day. Therefore you need about 205,000 square inches of solar panel for the supermarket.
That's about 5 solar panel that measures about 285 square feet each one (about 26 square meters). The cost for each unit, including battery bank and installation $16,000-$20,000 us.
Now we are going to compare the annual cost of both system solar panel Vs regular energy.
Solar Panel
Total energy peer year: (2160kwh/m) (12m) = 25,920kwh/y
Total installation cost: (5panel) (20,000us) = $100,000us
Total cost kwh: Total cost/Total energy peer year = $3.858 us/kwh
Regular energy
Total energy peer year: (2160kwh/m)


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