Corporate Responsibility Essay - Activision Blizzard

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Mini Corporate Social Responsibility Essay
Current Efforts for Social Responsibility
Activision Blizzard is an industry leader for producing and designing video games. They have annual revenues of 4 billion, annual income of 2.2 billion and total assets of 5.5 billion. Activision, as they are commonly known, have great customer support and even better technical support, despite having to deal with one of the most impatient and finicky customer bases, the gamer.
So how do they stack up in social responsibility?
As a video game company Activision does not have the usual responsibilities that other companies have. Petrol companies and other mining/energy companies have a responsibility to the public to not do unnecessary harm while
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This approach is helpful in on itself as the more that these kids learn about science and technology in school, the more they will want to go out and become the next great video game programmer or designer. Then they will have a lasting memory built in their head about how great an influence Activision was in their life and will be more likely to work with Activision in the future. Activision’s effectively investing in its own long term research and development team by continuing to encourage youths to learn about, and master science, technology, engineering, and math classes.
Internet safety has a major role to play as well. The efforts being made by Activision to create a very safe environment for children to be on the internet is astounding. They are doing their very best to make sure that adults know that while the internet is a dangerous place for youths, it has a great amount of utility and has many tools for both education and play. These efforts, best put, are one of the most valuable investments that Activision has made over the last decade. They have opened up the market for online video game use just by making sure that parents and children alike feel better about using the internet. This return can be seen by the