Critical Analysis of the Clift Village Shopping Centre Project Management Plan

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Critical analysis of the Clift Village Shopping Centre Project management plan


Executive Summary
This paper has been prepared to critical analyse the project management plan (PMP) of the Clift Project Village shopping centre barrier guard upgrade. The shopping centre multistorey car park was audited by its public liability insurer and they deemed the perimeter barrier fence not compliant to Australia standards and a danger to the public, the fence had to be replaced with a complaint fence. TJA was approached to fix the problem which it completed with an Ingal anti-climb system with an integrated car barrier.
The paper discuss the need and justification of the PMP for this construction project, areas that are
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The project also has a definite start date as well as a definite end thus making it a temporary work package or a project.
The management of the project is affected by that this work is temporary; this means some members of the team have not work for the company before and many will be new to the process of the project manager of this project. Another effect on the management is when the end of the project is close, team members start to look for the next project to go too and productivity decreases.(Bennett, 2003) 3.2 Nature and purpose of the chosen PMP
In this section the paper will define what a project management plan (PMP) is and why it was needed for this project.
The definition of a project plan is a “management summary document that gives the essentials of a specific project is teams of it objectives, justification, and how the objectives are to be achieved. It describes how major activities of the project management function are to be accomplished, and describes method of overall project control, the project plan evolves through successive stages of the planning process”(Project Management Institute., 2008)
With this PMP the project manger can go back to the plan and use it a guide to monitor and control the project tasks and stages though out the project, the PMP is normally broken into the nine Pmbok functions to simplify the plan process and also the execution of the project.
The PMP was required on the Clift


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