Mgt 498 Week 3 Environmental Scan Paper

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Environmental Scan Paper
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MGT 498 Week 3
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For any company to survive in the business environment, they must be accustomed toward any situation within the environment because of certain issues, perceptions, chances, and resources. These are such reasons every business must observe any applicable changes, which can occur within the environment and invent from existing policies to adjust toward variations. For any company to succeed the company will need to conquer the trials and tribulations of the constant shifting environment. An environmental scan were conducted for the two following companies Starbucks, and Cocoa Cola. With the environmental scanning it will increase their chances and distribute their
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Because of the research consumer taste and needs have changed and also because of the changes of the law and new regulations the Coca Cola company needed to adopt the additional warning requirements, and additional labeling for the warning requirements.
Coco Cola understands that the external environment may affect the business and its revenues. The increases and decreases of the economy, the attitudes from consumers, the principals of the consumers, and the demographics of society have a big impact on Coca Colas revenue.
Competitive Advantages and Current Strategies
Starbucks has contributed toward the green movement by informing the public they will only deal with the suppliers that meet the Starbucks standards for sustainable development. Starbucks understands the social influence and how it can ether force a change or contribute toward a change because the company understands that individuals are becoming more concerned with the preservation of the planet earth, which is why Starbucks have teamed up with the "Green Team" to established company wide recycling, reduction of waste, conserving energy, and conserving water programs.
Another concern that Starbucks have taking into consideration are the publics growing concern of healthy eating habits. It is imperative for Starbucks to guarantee that their products are not labeled as