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Confucianism Research Project Confucianism has easily been influential in the development of the Chinese state through history. In fact, the core ideals of Confucianism have evolved. Despite the harsh repression of Confucianism by Marxist revolutionaries during the second half of the twentieth century, Confucian values continues to be influential in Chinese society and recently, Confucian political philosophy has resurfaced again. In addition, the political ideas and social ethics of Confucianism can provide the basis for a new, functional form of government in China. Confucianism can be a viable political philosophy for China in the twenty first century because many intellectuals have turned to Confucianism to make sense of such social …show more content…
(Arnhart)” In addition, Bell claims that the Chinese Communist Party needs to be replaced by a Chinese Confucian Party. According to Jiang, there are three sources of legitimacy for a state, which are "heavenly sacredness," earthly historical tradition, and human consent. “He proposes to institutionalize these three sources of legitimacy through a tricameral legislature, which are the House of Exemplary Persons, the House of Cultural Continuity, and the People’s House. (Arnhart)” The "House of Exemplary Persons" would call forth “heavenly sacredness” where members would be chosen by Confucian organizations relying on examinations testing knowledge of the Confucian classics. The "House of Cultural Continuity" would have members representing various religions and members who were descendants of great sages, including the descendants of Confucius. The "People's House" would be chosen by elections and functional constituencies to represent the masses of uneducated people. However, Bell sees problems in Jiang's tricameral legislature that results him to propose an alternative bicameral legislature. “He proposes that there should be a meritocratic house with members chosen for seven- or eight-year terms by examinations, which should cover not only the Confucian classics, but


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