Google Organizational Structure

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Google has been one of the most well known search engines in the world for many years now. The organization is well known for getting people the information that they need when they want it. This type of a company will encounter issues that a normal business wouldn’t however. The organizational structure is very different because they are made up of many shareholders that have a say in what the company does and turns into. In this paper many questions will be addressed and answered about how Google’s organization works and what could improve it.

Insights on Organizational Design

Google has a very different organizational structure than most companies have to deal with. It is made up of many different share holders and
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Currently Microsoft is in the process of creating a new search engine that will be unique to its product. This could be the biggest competitor that Google will have to face because of the expertise that this company already has with computer and internet design. If you look at the amount of people that already know and love the Microsoft products, it could be believed that it would be hard to peel them away from any product that it comes up with. People already put their trust in the Microsoft name so most of them will be willing to stick with anything that they have to offer.

I think that Google will be able to survive through all of the competitive challenges that they are and have been faced with in the past. This is a company that believes more in team work and being able to keep everyone happy, not just the customers. This will enable them to keep workers who enjoy their job and want to put their full effort into making Google the best search engine. Brin and Page seem very determined to keep up with the research and new potential of the whole search engine process. Brin believes that a company tends to self-destruct when they are obsessed with their competition. This could be completely true because if you become so focused on burying your competition, you will not be able to notice problems that


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