Google Case

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A Case Study of Google

Executive Summary
This report provides a discussion of how Google is such a success from a motivational theory perspective. The way Google motivates its employees and leads them to develop and create a new world is unique. Because the company, the founders and all employees share the same value and vision. What Google provides is not a job; it’s a place where their employees dream can come true. That motivates all employees constantly pushing the limits and broadened our imagination.
The report also investigates Google’s hiring practices and job design principles. Google has its very own hiring practices, which allow them to find out the best candidates fit for various aspects of this business. The founders
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The corporate structure of Google is very ‘flat’, rather than the traditional pyramid corporate structure. There is no strong position difference between boss and employees. A more democratic environment is advocated. But this can lead to the unsatisfactory for people who want more management-related work.
Google believes a job should reflect the social values of the people, such as socializing, personal identifying and personal satisfaction, rather than commercial value. Good manager should give maximum confidence and trust to employees, allow them to show their ingenuity furthest, not overly concerned about the immediate interests, but making long-term plans. Employees feel themselves as a crucial element and their success will help the company more successful, their need for power is satisfied. So they are fully motivated and willing to share their point of view in this humanity place (Harvard Business School. Press., 2005).
The atmosphere in Google’s workplace is well known as ‘casual’, which represents freedom and equality. This freedom and equality are not only shown in the corporate structure, but also can be seen everywhere in Google’s working place. Whole company is a family-friendly environment. Even pets are welcomed. No worries about the clocking-in machines or traffic problems, because Google trusts its employees can manage their working time. All the necessary facilities that you can think of, Google has them in their building. This is


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