Detailed Summary on Greek Mythology by Edith Hamilton

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Part I – Section I
The Greeks believed that the Earth was here before the gods; the gods did not create the universe, instead the universe made the gods. So the heaven and earth were the first parents, after them came the titans, and following them came the gods and goddesses. The titans were known to be big and of great strength. The one titan who over-ruled the rest was Cornus, also known as Saturn. He reigned until Zeus- his son dethroned him. Zeus was amongst the twelve Olympians, the other eleven included his two brothers: Poseidon, and Hades, their sister: Hestia, Hera, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hermes, Artemis, And Hephaestus. Much of the myths that include these characters have been set up in the
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She wept and searched for him, at one point she found her self with his mother, Venus, whom she put through many trials and tasks, she completed them all, and at the end she found her lover and they knew that union could not be broken. A pair of forbidden lovers once agreed on meeting in a known place, where a white berry, mulberry tree stood in front of the tomb of Ninus at midnight. Thisbe was there before Pyramus, and as she saw a lioness approach, she tried to escape, but leaving behind her cloak; the lioness tore it and as bloodshed, it stood. In those conditions, Pyramus found it; he thought that she was dead, and in that instant, he killed himself and stained the white berries with his blood. Thisbe had escaped from the lioness, but had returned to find her lover, what she finds is this horrible sight, she weeps and cries, and decides to plunge the sword in her self as well. Orpheus was a brave man, who did what no other man has done for love. Him and Eurydice had been married, but no long after their marriage, she was walking with her bridesmaids, and a viper stung her, she died. He was deeply saddened, and decided to go into the underworld to ask if they could lend her to him, an.
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