Organizing Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management Organizing Function of Management The purpose of this paper will be to evaluate the organizing function of management. The organizing function of management develops internal organizational structure. A key role of the organizing function is to address how people interact in various business environments. Management uses organizing activities to allocate resources, define responsibility, establish expectations, and group employees. “At high-tech firms such as Google that rely on employee skills, knowledge, and creativity to remain competitive, the importance of people is evident as well” (Bate & Snell, ¶ 1, 2009).
Human Resources Management at Google Human resources management is a formal
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Google Assets Google’s ability to control the search engine markets has allowed the company to prosper from advertising campaigns. According to Schonfeld, “of the 137 billion estimated total searches performed in the U.S. last year, 85 billion were done on Google; nearly 90 percent of all the growth in search volume was also captured by Google (2008). Google's profits should spike as the country climbs out of recession “because the company has weeded out a lot of frivolous expenses during the recession” (Liedtke & Girard, 2009). Google went public at $85 dollars a share 2004; current estimates place Google shares at $430 a share (Liedtke & Girard, 2009). The statistics indicated that Google has effectively organized companies assets during difficult economic time.
Human resources management and technology play a crucial in business success. Google has perfected work environments that keep employees happy and provides the necessary resources to remain competitive as a company. “David MacDonald, who joined Google as an account manager in October 2001, says, It wasn't groundbreaking - search engines had been around for years - but it had a different approach and was all about the people" (Smith, ¶ 6, 2008). Google remains one of the world’s leading companies engrossed in the technological revolution. Much of the organizations success arises from Google’s ability to venture into multiple applications. Google refuses to rely on


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