Organizational Structure- Mgt/230

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Organizational Structure

Martha Miranda


Kelley Parker


The central thesis of this paper examines the organizational structures of McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s food restaurants. It will examine the comparison and contrast of the organizational structure of McDonalds with Burger King, and Wendy’s Corporations. What functions influence McDonalds, and explains how the organizational design helps determine the structure that best suits McDonalds needs, as a business.

Organizational Structure

Burgers are one of the most favored junk foods people like to eat from around the world. What a great idea to create a restaurant that gives the best tasting flavors, one of a kind style,
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The influences that McDonalds has, is not only on their charity foundations, but on they gained the trust from around the world. “Hundreds of millions of people around the world trust McDonald’s. We earn that trust everyday by serving safe food, respecting our customers and employees and delivering outstanding Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V). We build on this trust by being ethical, truthful and dependable. In short, what Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s Corporation said more than 50 years ago was right”(McDonalds, 2010-2012) This business has mission and values, a system that explains who they are, what they do and where they operate. Leadership has a lot of diversity in its board of directors. 70% women in minority US employees, over 25% women in minority in leadership, over five million diverse vendor spend, and 45% of women in minority franchisees. Awards and recognition, to name a few: 2010 20 Best Companies for Leadership, 2010 Top 100 Best Corporate Citizens, and 2010 Greenest Companies in America. Its history, and amazing stories that helped Sponsor Columbia pictures and Sony pictures to promote the movie Smurfs. McDonalds invest enormously in toys in the happy meals and fun activities from websites to gain their audience through social media. In conclusion the diversity, along with its horizontal structure, in McDonalds best suits to be the organizational structure of this corporation. From evaluating


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