Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Case

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Table of contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction to LVMH 4
Challenges 5
SWOT Analysis 7
Company Analysis 8
Porter 5 Forces Model 13
Industry Analysis 14
Alternatives 17
Recommendations 23
Endnotes 27
Executive Summary Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, a luxury goods provider is looking to expand their brand dominance in Asia. In order to expand successfully LVMH must evaluate challenges that may arise and get in the way of their successful expansion. In the Asian market, LVMH must deal with political and cultural uncertainties, the threat of counterfeit products, and the increased cost of products in Asia compared to France.
LVMH should use
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The SWOT matrix helps identify issues that need to be dealt with. These issues need to be resolved by formulating an objective and a plan to reach that objective, a strategy.

|Internal |
|Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Strong brand positioning |1. Watches and jewelry line |
|World leader in luxury goods |2. Language/cultural barrier issues |
|Large Global portfolio |3. Specialty retail is not profitable |
|Successful in various markets |4. Supplier issues other than the perfume |
|Diversified Revenues | |
|Leading Industry trend and new technologies | |
|Strong leadership and talent | |
|Strong financial


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