Google Case Study

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● What were the key factors behind Google's early success?
● Do you expect the search business to become more concentrated (i.e.: dominated by fewer firms)?
● Is search a winner-take-all business?
● In renewing its deal with AOL, could Google afford to pay AOL more than 100% of the revenue generated from AOL searches?
● How did Microsoft's maximum affordable bid for AOL's search traffic compare to Google's?
In addition to enhancing its core search business, should Google also branch out into new arenas? Which of the follow would you recommend:
● Building a full-fledged portal like Yahoo's;
● Targeting Microsoft's desktop hegemony; and / or
● Becoming an e-commerce intermediary like eBay?

Presentation of the company
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While superficially similar to earlier types of auctions, « it 's a novel mechanism that emerge in the wild » write the author of The high price of internet keyword auctions. Google's Adwords became so successful since its beginning four years ago, that some of its key features were quickly adopted by Yahoo, Inc, then the search-ad leader. »

After this short introduction about its success, I will focus on the Google’s projects and needs:

● The Google reflex: all the web users must surf with Google
● A Global strategy
● Orientation trough the WEB 2.0
● Improve the search engine on 4 aspects: Interface user, speed, relevance, exhaustiveness.
● Find new sources and formats to advertise: Very important competition.
● Be the leader: 4 main competitors. (Yahoo, Microsoft, Ebay, Amazon)

Globalization of the important world problems.

Google is very involved in the changes of the sector of the medias and advertising. This issue is concerning everyone who has a mission within this system. That's the reason why Google wants to take care of those problems. They are offering the post adapted products and services as possible considering the new technologies as an opportunity to solve the problems which influence our entire life.
Added to that, Google wants to introduce themselves on some new markets with many opportunities. They want « everybody in the world » to have access to their search engine.

• Think of Google « as ubiquitous as brushing


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