How Does Internet Marketing Communication Differ from Traditional Marketing Communication?

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1) How does internet marketing communication differ from traditional marketing communication?

Internet marketing differs significantly from conventional marketing communications because of the digital medium used for communications. The internet and other digital media such as digital television and mobile phones enable new forms of interaction and new models for information exchange. A useful summary of the difference between theses new media and traditional media has been developed by McDonalds and Wilson they describe the 6 I’s of the e-marketing mix. The 6 I’s are useful since they highlight factors that apply to practical aspects of the internet marketing such as personalization direct response and marketing research but also
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The Internet effectively provides a worldwide market that is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It is difficult to think of any traditional marketing which would have permitted this global reach so cheaply. Furthermore, the web site might also omit the actual physical location of the company because there is no requirement for information to be physically sent to an address. It should also be impossible for the potential customer to gauge the size of the supplying company. AEC has exploited this to some extent as it serves a world-wide market from no clear geographical centre. However, the absence of on-line course booking means that certain physical contact details have to be provided and these might undermine the global perspective. (

Online marketing integrates creative and technical aspects of the internet. One can put his presence online with interactivity having proper attention to their services and products. Online marketing is not just 'having a website' or 'building a website' or 'promoting a website'. Online marketing is different from off-line marketing, following characteristics differentiate them:

One-to-one versus one-to-many One-to-one versus one-to-many approach, the targeted user is typically browsing the Internet on their own, and the marketing messages reach them personally. This can be very clearly seen in search marketing, where the users find advertisements targeted to specific keywords that the users


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