Google Case Study, Management

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Google Case Study
Taylor Anderson, Trenton Moses, Jacob Pyeatte, and Nicole Simon
Southeast Missouri State University

Google is a large corporation that leads the business world in providing a high-quality work environment for its employees. This paper will discuss the benefits Google provides to its employees, how the company is able to provide said benefits, and the human resource policies and strategies implemented within the company. Furthermore, this piece will offer answers to several questions asked at the conclusion of the textbook article as well as provide facts and suggestions regarding Google’s corporate structure and policies by referencing primary sources and using personal feedback from the authors.

Google Case
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However, Google doesn’t want to bring in candidates that aren’t what they are looking for either (Delaney, 2006). Since the number of interviews a candidate has had to go through was a deterrent in some cases, Google has reduced the number of interviews from 6.2 to 5.1 on average (Delaney, 2006). The former number of interviews could have been as many as eight (Delaney, 2006). Google is attempting to implement several other changes as well such as reducing the number of “homework assignments” for candidates, creating short questionnaires for candidates, and more. Furthermore, Google is toying with changes including an abbreviated hiring process which would allow them to give a job offer to a candidate after just two interviews (Delaney, 2006). While this is risky to do, Google believes it will create a much larger pool of candidates and will enable them to bring in ‘new blood,’ so to speak, to the company.
Current employees of Google quite enjoy working for the company though, even after they’ve endured a rigorous application process. The company provides extensive and very elaborate benefits to its employees which help with employee retention considering the work environment to which most are exposed. Some of the benefits offered by Google include free transportation, unlimited sick days, free healthcare, gourmet food, annual all-expense-paid trips, bonuses,


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