Google Inc. in China

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Case Study Analysis Template1
Analyst’s Name: ¶
Date: ¶

Case Study Name: ¶Google Inc., in China

I. The Pre-Analysis:

A. Perspective:

A.1. Describe the perspective2 of the author(s) of the case study and the possible biases that might result from that perspective:

¶ The case study is titled Google Inc., In china, written by Kirsten E. Martin for the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics. Kirsten Martin is the Assistant Professor of Business and Economics at the Catholic University of America and Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics Fellow, “to encourage classroom discussion and not to illustrate effective or ineffective business decision making”. Kirsten is an academic, whose purpose
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Not to accept sponsored search results, like their competitors.
2000 Entered the Chinese market, by creating a Chinese-language version of its homepage that was housed in the US and not subject to Chinese laws.
2002, September was inaccessible for two weeks. When reinstated it was slow and temperamental for all Chinese users and completely inaccessible for Chinese universities. “The average time to download a Google Web page was more than seven times slower than for Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine.”
2004 realized they were losing market share to Baidu, Yahoo!, and Microsoft, because of their local presence, because they are licensed within Chinese borders, due to self-censorship.
2005 announced two important appointments: Dr. Kai-Fu Lee (left Microsoft) whose goal was, “To make advanced technology accessible and useful to every user, as well as be part of the vibrant growth and innovation in China today.” Also, Johnny Chou, who assisted in building sales and distribution as well as a R&D center in China so Google would have the assets needed to succeed.
2005 they had 5,680 employees scattered throughout the world. With positive cash flow of $3.45 Billion.
2006, January announced the creation of, which is located in China and subject to Chinese filtering:
Keeping sensitive information outside China through Gmail, and Blogger
Disclosing the presence of general filtering to users
Continuing a Chinese-language version of


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