Good Customer Service

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Introduction of AET:-

AET Transport Pty Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Fred Bingle of Melbourne, Australia. It's new company who quickly achieved its goals through long hours and hard work. Their employees were very responsible for servicing and cleaning their trucks. AET transport used dry van and refrigerated service which is the most demanding by the customer .AET transport has rental and leased agreement with some of the largest trailer leasing and rental companies in an Australia. The main purpose of the AET Company is providing good customer service and supplies their goods on time. AET transport takes pride in safety and compliance. They have mission to provide and improve their
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Documentations of customer’s complaints.

Workplace procedures and policies that provide guidance to team members on the process of updating and maintaining the record and reporting system should be in place.

Staff should be has neat and clean uniform every time.

The process we would follow to investigate:-

Decision making-It is the process of identifying a problem and finding a solution to it.

Then the team members make an appointment with the customer by give them call.

After that our company team members discuss with customer about the problem.

The cause of the customer dissatisfaction:-

Damaged goods


delivery problems

short Range of products

Staff having poor product knowledge or giving incorrect advice

Products being out of stock

Unhelpful or rude staff

Delivery not completed at the time promised

Appointment with a customer not recorded in appropriate diary

Disabled access not available to premises.


Resources not available when they are needed

Driver negotiate which are not meet company’s polices and procedures:-

Mis-behaviour of driver

Not punctual about work

Very stressed because of working from long period

Inadequate knowledge about work

Wasting time during duty by doing other unimportant work


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