Intercultural Competence Worksheet

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Intercultural Competence Worksheet

Part 1: Short Paragraph

Instructions: Respond to each question below with at least 150 words, using complete sentences. Additionally, include an example from the reading materials that supports your position.

1. What does “intercultural” communication mean to you?
Intercultural communication to me means many things. It mainly means the way that people communicate throughout the different cultures that they derive from. Intercultural communication is basically the way that one person from a particular country would communicate with someone from America. Every culture has their own set of non-verbal gestures that could mean something completely different to
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These BASIC descriptions of behaviors are seen as cross cultural. What that means is that no matter the culture that a person may be in, these skills are always used in one way or another.
Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication across Cultures, Sixth Edition, by Myron W. Lustig and Jolene Koester. Published by Allyn & Bacon.
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Part 2: Intercultural Encounters Activity

Instructions: Describe and analyze a recent intercultural encounter with someone of a different age, ethnicity, race, or religion. In at least 450 words, respond and include details to the following questions:

1. Briefly describe the person and the place.
2. How were you changed by the encounter?
3. What do you wish you had known to deal better with this intercultural encounter?

A recent intercultural encounter that I was a part of was at my house in a conversation that I engaged in with my father in law. Our conversation was about his religion and how it differs from my particular faith. You see, my father in law is a very wise man in his mid-fifties. He has a lot of experience about a lot of interesting things. He was raised in the Jehovah Witness faith and talks about it every chance he gets. One evening, he was over at my house to enjoy a nice dinner with the