Active Listening Skills

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Active Listening Skills Reflection Paper
Tonya Dean
Paula Baucom

I interviewed Ronnie Macko, a nurse educator at Select Medical Corporation and Chris Schillig a high school and college level English instructor. I had to conduct the interviews at separate times because of schedule conflicts. The interviews were conducted using the list of coaching/ mentoring questions that our team had developed in week 3. I will attach each instructor’s individual responses to the end of the paper for review. During the instructor interviews active listening skills were used. Listening is used for many purposes. Listening is used to gain important information, gain understanding, learning, and also enjoyment. Most people retain
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Refer the mentee to literature regarding the incident. Share

past experiences related to the incident. Have the mentee develop goals for solving the problem with measurable goals and set a date and time to discuss their progress. Follow up with the mentee in a day or two to check on their progress. Give positive feedback and encouragement. Continue follow up until no longer necessary but continue with praise and encouragement.
6. How do you deal with resistant individuals in a coaching situation?
Meet with them and discuss the situation and their reason for resistance. Restate their response to be sure you understand them. Review policies and procedures again. Inform the mentee and involve another person of leadership to meet with the two of you to discuss the situation. Continue follow up and give encouragement and praise for progress.
7. What do you consider your coaching philosophy?
I am primarily coaching nurses in my current position. Nurses have graduated from a university and have a background in medical knowledge. They also have experiences as a student nurse. Some have been LPNs and have extensive experience. I believe in respecting their knowledge and experience and helping them build on it.
8. What makes you a unique coach or mentor?
I have over 40 years of nursing experience and I love to teach and coach. It is something that I feel I have been called to do and I really enjoy it. I have a very broad background in nursing which allows me to


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