Lumen and Absorb Team

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Organization structure wise, the lumen team and absorb team are quite similar. Each team has a team leader, a team focused on marketing and commercialization, and a team of technical experts. The members of these two teams all seem to have substantial amount of industrial experience and technical competency. However, the two teams differ greatly with regards to the motivation level of the individual team member, efficiency and productivity, and teamwork environment. These differences are mostly caused by the different leadership capacities that the team leaders possess.
From the exhibit 5, we can see that whereas the lumen team is leading among all the CCE teams, Absorb team is clearly lagging behind. Exhibit 6 further confirmed that
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For the Valence, Chip does not seem to be willing to ask the question of whether the certain outcome for its team member worth the expenditure of the time and effort. This is evident from Ying’s comment about spinning the wheel and not making a real contribution. Chip, as the team leader, does not provide an environment to foster the intrinsic motivation of his team members: He is not able to set clear and meaningful goals for his follower that are satisfactory to both party. His lack of appreciation of his followers’ hard work diminishes followers’ motivation. He is certainly not providing mutual respect with his micromanagement and intrusiveness. Chip did not uphold the honesty. The absorb team member also seem to perceive Chip having arbitrary and capricious behavior. Several important features of good teamwork environments are also missing. There is not a clear goal and direction. There is not constructive discussion between the leader and team members about the goals, roles and norms. Coordination is also lacking. There is not effective planning. The shared goal is not defined. There is no attempt to integrate individual efforts. Lumen team, on the other hand, seems to be on the other end of spectrum with regard to the issues identified with Absorb team. Max showcases strong leadership, seems to follow the expectancy theory. Lumen team is integrated and has clear action plan and goals.