Gen Y

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How ca n Sarah and
Josh work together m ore effectively?

Gen Y in the
by Tamara J. Erickson

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How I learned to love millennials (and stop worrying about what they were doing with their iPhones).


Gen Y in the Workforce


by Tamara J. Erickson

“RU BRD?”1
The text message from Ashok stood out in bold block letters on the small screen of Josh Lewis’s iPhone. Am I ever, Josh thought, stuffing
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As though the question of how to capitalize on the freecontent movement was still something plaguing the guys in the record business and not anyone else.
No one watches network TV anymore—or network TV ads, Josh had pointed out during the meeting. Instead of relying chiefly on traditional marketing channels, he said, why not try new media? Make the movie theme song available for download for Guitar Hero. Or, even better, make one or more of the Fire Force Five movies available online and embed teasers for the latest sequel within them.
Sarah had immediately balked, noting the creaky Rising Entertainment website, which boasted very little traffic and even less functionality. A “successful” online campaign for the third Triple-F movie in 2005 had nearly taken down the studio’s entire network—including critical sales force connections.
“So how about striking deals with, like, Hulu or There or Gaia? They’re well suited to handle the traffic—much better than we are,” Josh replied. These days it was just so much easier to download music, movies, and TV shows how and when you wanted them. To have, as Jessica joked, old 90210 and new 90210 existing peacefully on your laptop. “We’d be leveraging one of Rising Entertainment’s biggest strengths, its library, in a way that gets the company out in front of the movement to free content.”
“All great points,” Sarah had responded. “But our budget is soft right now—everything is soft right now. I’m not sure we


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