analisis of Obamas victory speech

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Obama’s Victory Speech

Obama’s Victory Speech has impressed the whole world. Obama have used a lot of techniques which make people in the USA believe in him and make them feel united. In this essay of Obama’s victory speech, I will explain some of the techniques Obama uses and for what purpose. Besides that I will comment on important and meaningful quotes.
Obama’s Victory Speech is separated in a lot of small sections. After finishing one section of his speech, he makes a long dramatic pause. That makes the speech very intimate. These dramatic pauses are used by almost any good speaker. Obama’s manner of speaking is very natural, he tells about experiences he have had, he shows a lot of gratitude, he speak with humility of a high
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In that way Obama makes the audience listen and care for what Obama is saying, and it also makes it more personal between Obama and the single listener, plus he doesn’t separate the people who voted for himself with the people who voted for Mitt Romney. Obama unites the nation.
Obama does not use a lot of metaphors, so he doesn’t sound silly when he performs his victory speech. But Obama does use couple metaphors here and there, just to make the speech a little more exciting and abstract for the audience. “Thank you for believing all the way, through every hill, through every valley” with this metaphor Obama tries to improve the audience comprehension, by making the audience visualize the metaphor with their minds.
The last noticeable rhetorical way of drawing the audience into Obama’s speech, is also to by using stories as an explanation. “To the young boy on the south side of Chicago who sees a life beyond the nearest street corner” south side of Chicago is known for being a very criminal area. So the quote have a very deep and almost touching feel to it, by touching I mean that you doesn’t think of glad boy who looks at the street. You think of a sad and poor boy who knows he is capable of much more than being a criminal, but just doesn’t have any choice. That is very beautiful way of saying that we have a problem that should be solved, and a much more powerful and touching way, than telling about some stupid statistics, which Mitt Romney