branding and packaging

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Branding and Packaging
MKG310-4 Introduction to Marketing
August 4, 2013

Branding and Packaging The world today is filled with millions of different products and brands for consumers to choose from. So how do companies differentiate themselves from their competitors? They brand their products and market them to specific demographics and target markets. A company can live or die based on whether consumers are aware of their brand. Without careful and strategic marketing consumers cannot buy merchandise that they do not know to be present. Branding and packaging enhances the attraction of the merchandise and or services for not only the consumer but the seller as well. This essay will discuss the branding and
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All of their products are shipped in a simple white box with their name “” labeled on it. When it comes to their primary branding, they put their label on every bottle, tub, shoe, shirt, bag, etc. Labeling their products is one of their main strategies to get their brand name out in the market. As stated by Grewal and Levy, “a product label is much more than just a sticker on the package; it is a communication tool” (2014, p. 352). is smart when it comes to their choice of labeling. Even if a consumer buys a name brand product from them, say for example, a tub of Muscle Techs 8-hour Protein, they still manage to get their product and label to the consumer. With every purchase they include a free gift whether it is a gym bag, protein shaker cup, flip-flop sandals or just a simple key chain. Every free gift has their label on it, and almost every person that goes to a gym is sporting something with’s label on it.
The question now would be, are the branding and packaging strategies that chooses to use effective? The answer is yes. By choosing to be the manufacturer, distributer and retailer they are able to get their products out to consumers at lower prices which saves their customers thousands of dollars. Even when the consumer buys a name brand product from them, their price is still cheaper than that of many other stores. Take for


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