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I. Overview of the Problem Sko-Die is a medium-size manufacturing company. The company is more than 50 years old and many of the managers in the company have come from the ranks, so to speak. Recently, the Baby Boomers have started to retire and they are being replaced with Generations Yers/Gamers. The remaining staff members taking the roles in the manager team are Generation Xers. These two generations (Gen X and Gen Y/Gamers) are clashing in the workplace. Since the Gen Y employees have been at the company for such a short amount of time, they have very little loyalty or reason to
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The Arkansas Program presents eight stages of moral decision making based on the work of James Rest:
Establishing community: creating and nurturing the relationships, norms, and procedures that will influence how problems are understood and communicated. This stage takes place prior to and during a moral dilemma
Perception: recognizing that a problem exists
Interpretation: identifying competing explanations for the problem, and evaluating the drivers behind those interpretations
Judgment: sifting through various possible actions or responses and determining which is more justifiable
Motivation: examining the competing commitments which may distract from a more moral course of action and then prioritizing and committing to moral values over other personal, institutional or social values
Action: following through with action that supports the more justified decision. Integrity is supported by the ability to overcome distractions and obstacles, developing implementing skills, and ego strength
Reflection in action
Reflection on action
Other decision making processes have also been proposed. One such process, proposed by Dr. Pam Brown of Singleton Hospital in Swansea, Wales, breaks decision making down into seven steps:
Outline your goal and outcome.
Gather data.
Develop alternatives (i.e., brainstorming)
List pros and cons of each alternative.
Make the decision.
Immediately take action to


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