Gen Y in the Workplace

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Generation Y, or Millennials, as they’re also known, are rapidly becoming part of the present workforce. They’re individuals who were born approximately between 1980 and 2000. They’re described as independent, optimistic, highly educated, goal oriented, technologically savvy, and ethnically diverse. They’re also highly collaborative, expect instant gratification, and believe work should be fun and challenging. Given these characteristics, what strategies should companies utilize to retain these young workers?
The objective of this research paper is to provide company executives or anyone interested in the topic with information on how to effectively manage Generation Y employees in order to motivate them to stay with a
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The authors’ essential thesis is that companies have a difficult time managing their Generation Y employees because they do not understand the needs of these workers. The authors’ advocacy position is that in order to successfully manage generation Y employees, they must first understand their culture, and learn how to motivate them.

This source provides an overview of the characteristics that make generation Y employees different from other generations and gives suggestions on how to reach them.

The reason why I chose this source is because a company cannot retain its young employees if it doesn’t have the knowledge to effectively manage them. This article provides background information that helps understand what generation Y’s expectations in the workplace are and gives some suggestions on how to manage them, like explaining why their work matters to the company, encouraging them to ask questions and providing useful feedback, and organizing events that make work more fun.

Reynolds, L., Campbell-Bush, E., Geist, R. (2008) The Gen Y Imperative. Communication World, 25(3), 19-22. Retrieved from

Leah Reynolds is national practice leader for Generational Change and Total Rewards Communications at Deloitte


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