Ge Energy Management Initiative

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The GE Energy Management Initiative (A) By taking the position as Raj Bhatt, Business Development manager of GE Canada, I am comfortable and confident that energy efficiency is an attractive industry and business opportunity. What makes Raj Bhatt believe that the Energy Efficiency projects will be successful in Canada is that the project helps not only the ESCo, which conducts the performance-based contracting, but also the customers, who are more aware of the benefits of Energy Efficiency project. The Energy Efficiency project will optimize the energy usage, including conservation, use of efficient equipment and off peak usage. Even though the project has required intensive initial capital investment and long payback period, it will …show more content…

The development in energy management business opportunity in Canada may encounter the objections from Canadian divisional leaders. What Canadian divisional leaders worry about the energy management business is that it is new to the GE Canada and the implementation involves considerable risks in experience in being a prime contractor and being a target for legal actions. The energy management business opportunity may receive the support from the U.S. divisions because the manager of Energy Management business in the U.S. divisions has seen the potential business opportunity in Canada, but the managers of U.S. divisions want to obtain the full autonomy of the energy business operations in Canada. Hence, the direct-connect management system will hamper the energy management business in Canada. The meeting with the GE Supply executives suggests that the GE Supply executives do not have fully understanding in strong Canadian presence in the business operations in Canada. The executive in the U.S. have convinced that the project contract with Canadian Federal Government will fit in the model of energy management business that is currently running in the U.S. divisions, but failed in experiences in running the business in Canada. They have gained a lot of experience over the past 12 months in the U.S., but that does not mean that the experience in running business in the U.S. will help them run the business in Canada.


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