GB511C Strategic Resources Management: Final Exam

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GB511C Strategic Resources Management: Final Exam
Adam J. Franco
Norwich University
Professor Laurette Brady
November 16, 2013

Manufacturing today includes all facets of research, development, production, sales, distribution, logistics, customer service, marketing, and support. It extends from the making of physical products to the delivery of services (Deloitte, 2013). Manufacturing companies now compete on a global scale and utilize specific locations around the world to their advantage. For instance, basic, simple to make products will be produced in an area with cheap, low education labor. While products that use high tech machinery that require a skilled labor force would need to be produced
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In China half-completed factories and unfinished business deals are scattered like confetti at a New York ticker tape parade” (Spira, 2013)
The culture in Mexico is different. When you strike a deal the deal is made. Laws and business practices, while slightly different than the US, are far more alike than they differ.
For a manufacturing company the bulk of their manufacturing production should be center in Mexico along the US boarder. This allows for a less expensive, but competent labor force with direct distribution to the consumer market of the US. With the company headquarters in the US it also eases communication and control.
France would be an interesting place to invest and establish a manufacturing facility. In the pass few years, the country has been crippled by a recession and their industry had suffered, “French industrial companies, faced with some of the highest labor costs in the euro zone, have shed 750,000 jobs. Industrial production as a percentage of economic output fell to 12.6% last year in France, from 20.2% in 1992” (Parussini, 2013). In September of 2013, the French government launched a new plan to help stop the hemorrhage of factory jobs in France, reverse the rise in unemployment, and shrink the widening trade deficit. This made be a good opportunity to utilize France’s unemployed labor force and large government incentives to establish a


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