Ge's Digital Revolution Redefining the E in Ge Analysis

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GE's digital Revolution Redefining the E in GE

Within 18 months of introducing the e-business initiative, Internet Week named GE the “Internet Company of the Year.” How was GE to drive this ambitious company-wide program throughout its complex and diverse organizations so quickly and effectively?

GE is a huge company, with 3 dozen of business areas, over 300 thousand employees and annual sales revenue as high as 129 billion in the year of 2000. It was the "social architecture" (culture and values) and "operating systems" (systems and processes) helped this complex and diverse organization to drive through changes quickly and effectively that have it named Internet Week's top e-business of 2000. These deeply rooted strengths
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The CEO of GE plastic Gary Rogers, initiated first, and them accumulated many good lessons from this website and evolved this website into website. In the new website, it is more customer-oriented, by focusing on four key end-user function―Buy, Design, Research and Interact. The new website development team used GE’s previous experience by exploiting files containing 30 years of information on the technical characteristics and properties of the products, making it accessible to customers in an attractive, useable form. Thirdly, GE also learns from other successful companies such as Cisco and Sun; Welch challenged the organization to open up and become a “boundaryless company”. He started a “Best Practices Program” encouraged manager to focus externally and benchmarked their activities against world class companies. That’s why GE Plastic achieved success in E-Business by surfing and studying websites outside plastic industry. Fourthly, ffter the success of E-Business in GE plastic, GE can transfer its knowledge quickly and efficiently between departments; GE think that ideas carry maximum impact when they are shared broadly rather than in a few people’s hands, so they created a internal communication channels and forums of exchange to encourage