Dupont A Case Analysis

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The Problems the company is facing is as follows:
1. Losing the position as the market leader.
2. People prefer alternate flooring to Carpeting and find it an ordeal to shop for carpets.
3. Customers were unhappy with the services provided by the retailers.
4. Fibre manufacturers were responsible for only supplying to the Carpet mills, thus the price and quantity standards were dictated by Carpet mills.
5. There was no proper market segmentation or market focus.
Alternative Solutions to the problems
1. Develop the Brand name and ensure the customers know about DuPont and its products through various marketing strategies employed by the company. Some of the marketing strategies could be Advertisement in different industrial
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When the goods are produced as per the specifications of the customers, the customer dissatisfaction will reduce and sales will slowly increase and word of mouth will become a major promotion technique.

1) Analyze DuPont’s marketing approach before change.
DuPont carpet fibre was an industrial bulk supplier. As far as they were concerned, there was one customer only: the carpet mill which used the carpet fibre that DuPont supplied. Until early 80’s DuPont mostly followed the push strategy, i.e., producing their products in large volumes and selling its high-quality fibre at competitive prices to as wide a market as possible ,so they emphasized more on sale. The firm didn’t give much thought to the end users apart from brand advertising. They thought that their market was restricted to only mills and the retailers and the end users were not a part of their market. So incurring additional expenses to provide value added services for a section that was not a part of their market seemed like a bad strategy. According to them only one thing mattered, i.e., price. As a part of their R&D they also came out with a new product called Stainmaster which they believed was a upcoming requirement for the market.
2) What does the marketing research reveal?
Market research revealed that most customers based their carpet buying decisions on three key factors: design, colour and ease of cleaning and maintenance. The research revealed


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