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7S MODEL OF KRAFT FOODS LTD:(source: google)
Their company employs more than 98,000 people in 70 countries. They have hundreds of facilities worldwide, including office, plants, sales and distribution centres. They are committed to creating an environment where their people do their best work, contribute to Kraft’s success, and manage their work life. They believe that people develop on the job by doing stimulating and challenging work, learning from others, and receiving feedback. Their employees realize their potential through development, coaching, mentoring, and training programs.

Their Workforce

Their business teams require a variety of thought, energy and insight to attain and maintain a competitive
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Their employees have exhibited extraordinary initiative, talent, and dedication to achieve their clear pre-eminence in the food industry. The Kraft Foods Service Recognition Program symbolizes the value they place on the accomplishments of their employees over the years and their sincere appreciation for employees' efforts and commitment.
Promotional strategies Kraft’s job in Consumer Promotions is to develop promotional strategies for all of their brands. Consumer Promotions is an integral part of each brand, providing support and creating promotional programs that meet the brand's goals. They need to understand their consumers, know their competition, and be on top of trends in the market. In addition, they rely on data from many sources to help us make the right decisions for promoting their brands. There are all sorts of promotional methods which they use: for example, coupons inserted in newspapers, coupons given at check-out, instant coupon machines in the stores etc.
The new global structure will bring together three organizational dimensions to better leverage Kraft’s global scale. First, a new global marketing and category development group is being formed to accelerate growth and global expansion. Second, geographic-based commercial units will be responsible for driving strong results country by country with the best programs and execution for local consumers


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