Sample Project Report

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Project Report:
Corporate Overview:
HB InfoTech (HB) is a global IT company. HB offers clients business solutions that leverage all aspects of the software life cycle. These span consulting, design, development, re-engineering, maintenance, systems integration, and package evaluation and implementation. HB also offers software solutions aimed specifically at the banking industry.
HB leverages its global client base and its professional workforce through its Global Delivery Model. The company divides projects into components, which it executes simultaneously in several different locations: at the client's site and at HB development centers in US and worldwide.
In order to expand its product and solutions offerings, the company is
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HB would set up its campus in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka (INDIA). Bangalore is considered as the Silicon Valley of India because of its skilled workforce, communication infrastructure and business friendly environment.
R & D in India:
The Indian subsidiary would be a major hub of Research and Development (R&D) in South East Asia. Its primary focus would be on providing better and cost effective business solutions and also to increase the dominance of HB Info Tech across South East Asia. The Parent company will collaborate directly with the subsidiary company and will also monitor its development. There would be a written agreement regarding R&D and transfer of Technology.

Hiring of Local Service Provider
HB Info Tech will hire a accountant, lawyer or other service provider in India to establish the subsidiary and complete the necessary administrative and legal requirements, such as applying for name availability, preparing the memorandum and articles of association, and tax and labor registrations. HB is in negotiation with a local third party service provider for Bangalore city. Some of basic services offered by this third party includes payroll, benefits and human resources support similar to what TriNet or Administaff provides in the U.S. HB Info Tech will be in legal written agreement with the service


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