Colonialism and Its Effect in Nigeria

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Ekundayo Falade Professor Baldwin MA5- Research Paper Final Draft 5/6/2013

Colonization Colonization is term used to refer to a specific type of interaction between states, countries, or territories. Colonization is said to have taken place in the event one country, state, or territory induces and or claims total sovereignty over a different country, state, or territory, which lies outside its geographical boundaries or influence. The country, state, or territory that loses its sovereignty becomes the colony while the other nation is labeled as the colonizer. The entire phenomenon created therein is referred to colonization. It is important to note that the impact of colonization is long felt even after the colonizer has
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Today, the boundaries that define the state of Nigeria were as section of larger region that was targeted by the British in their explorations. A close analysis of the interactions that existed between the British and the locals in Nigeria prove that the British were not out to colonize the nation. Initially, the first British citizens to settle in Nigeria and the surroundings were merchants and missionaries. The initial interactions between the Nigerians and the British led to knowledge about Christianity and economic improvements. There were also extensive interactions that led to the alteration of culture with regards to the interaction that existed between the Nigerians and the British. For instance, there was English being spoken in Nigeria as early as the 16th century. Here, the natives learnt English from the British who either chose to settle among them or pay them occasional visits. Military conquest of Nigeria by the British forces can be traced back to the 1800’s. During this time, there was some little resistance but the vast machine-gun armed British forces overcame this. These forces conquered any form of resistance that stood in their way with ease. By the first decade of 1800, the British had taken over the entire state of Nigeria. The region was home to over 200 ethnic groups and these were strategically divided into three


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