Formal Marketing Control

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Input control

There are different actions needed before the execution of the marketing plan. Financially, more funds are needed for advertising MIXY to increase awareness, new product development, and better colors for the packaging. MIXY is not advertised and it needs to be in a larger product line to compete better. Also, as the packaging is made by the same supplier as CL, it should differ to be easily recognized. More expenditure is also needed for the R&D as the company is strong in this field. It has an opportunity to provide product with more mixed flavors in addition to what it has for the moment like avocado, peach… to be recognized by the local customers as a product with a strong added value that does not exist in the
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We will be grading it according to how much we are reaching our advertising objectives. • Improving the IMC to better reach our communication objectives. Using our primary and secondary data, we tend to understand what will attract our customers’ attention the most. • Putting as many products of MIXY as possible in the front of the intermediaries’ outlets. The first intermediaries in which we will focus the most are retailers like MARJANE, ASWAQ-SALLAM, HANOUTI, LABELVIE, and ACIMA. For METRO, the largest Moroccan wholesaler, we will follow a specific negotiation because it’s going to merge with LABELVIE; • Follow a cost leadership strategy to increase the profitability. After collaborating with the financial department, getting ride off the assets that are not needed is important in order to gain more cash in hand and invest it in other projects.

• Sponsoring any events that encourage healthy food and drinks whether on TV, radio in order to show the end-users target that we are providing a healthy drink that can be taken to improve human health.


To conclude, the future of COPAG JAOUDA is brilliant. The company can be the leader in the market as it has great opportunities that it should benefit from. The product MIXY that it produces can be successful. Our marketing plan started with the company and


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