The Globalization of Amazon

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Globalization of
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April 1, 2013

* Introduction, Inc. was founded by Jeff Bezos out of his own garage in July 1994 under the name of Cadabra. It went online in as in 1995. Since that time it has never looked back and is now the world's largest online retailer. It is an American multinational electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. With a total revenue of US$ 61.09 billion, it has a total of 88,400 employees as of December, 2012. At first it started as an online bookstore, but soon it diversified
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So, Amazon chose to expand the market shares globally by establishing Amazon online retail shops everywhere. * Resource-based view Value As more businesses enhance their online progression, Amazon still is well seated in the head of all the competitors, which will be the undefeatable E-commerce leader. It has stretched out its branches not only in Canada, but also in the states, Europe and Asia. The reason why Amazon delivers customer value so quickly and swiftly is that it is easier to transform in the global market and it is more willing to serve the existing customers in new ways. Moreover, it is a company which has great ambition and vision which provides customers. And it has combined all the different aspects of functions such as online shopping, cloud computing to facilitate the revolution. Peng (2011) indicates that Amazon catches up with the information technology revolution, during which more families have more individual computers. For example, in 2000, nearly 27% customers will purchase on line, while in 2011, more than 7 out of 10 Internet users were on line users, indicating that more and more customers will use Amazon to purchase some unique books (Amazon, 2013). Moreover, it is using the new business models which are moderate price to benefit for customers. It is transforming from direct sales to sales-service model. The value is very obvious: it has good prices, broad selection and convenience. In a nutshell,


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