Practices in Project Management: The St. Dismas Medical Center

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Practices in Project Management
MSPM 6102
April 25, 2014
The St. Dismas Medical Center (SDMC) Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Project was authorized to create a new service line to counteract a decline of inpatient activity. The project objectives are to build 100 light- and heavy-assist units in a standalone residential facility with a sheltered connection to SDMC by late-July 2001 and within an $11 million budget.
The particular deliverables, constraints, assumptions, exclusions, and work breakdown structure are outlined in the Project Scope Statement. Brainstorming and scenario analysis will be used in the risk strategy, while cost-benefit analysis will be the primary tool in project quality management. A
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Major Project Milestones
Major project milestones include:
1. Facility design and construction
2. Identification of operational needs
3. Project and operating budget development
4. Creation of payroll and accounting systems
5. Define telecommunications needs and system setup
6. Define information systems and system setup
7. Creation of a preliminary marketing plan and communications package
8. Organize major ground breaking event
9. Clinical Services
10. Design of assessment tool for incoming residents
11. Identification of demands for clinical services
12. Development of facility’s management structure
13. Identification of governmental regulations and industry standards
Preliminary Budget Estimate
The preliminary budget estimate for the completed project is between $8.5 and $11 million, which includes the land purchase, facility construction, facility furnishings, and construction of the sheltered connection from the assisted living facility to the Medical Center.
Key Stakeholders
Illustrated below is the key stakeholder analysis matrix, which demonstrates the key stakeholders, their levels of power and interest, and an engagement plan. The matrix is followed by a communications chart that outlines stakeholders, their responsibilities, and their communication needs.

Analysis Matrix.

Stakeholder Communications.