Pluto communication

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Question: Final assignment on case study of Pluto Telecommunications

Pluto started losing business because of there is no common strategic level business communications between directors and managing directors within organisation. The integrations of departments are causing further problems, because some employees are benefiting more than others are. Therefore, it is easy to envisage the conflict of interest from different individuals, which has created three sub-cultures within a single organisational culture. However, with the right measure of processes, management and leaderships, Pluto can bring both organisation and business on track.
Within the departments' communications and
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Pluto's engineers are dependent on either sales staff or reception staff; another words the task is lacking the initiatives.
3.2 Group
Above table-2 suggests that three different departments have formed three different groups; and have three different distinct identities within the groups. The sales and marketing departments have work motivations, whereas the customer service does not. The sales and customer service departments do perceive and value time, whereas marketing department does not. The Marketing department has strong work culture, whereas sales and customer service do not. The account managers of sales department are motivated by money; they see Pluto organisation culture as 'bonus as you sale' organisation. Thus, they are happy to be punctual on sales and meeting target. Furthermore, there is no common work culture; rather they have formed a sales culture. Within the customer service department, reception staffs process sales orders into work orders for engineers; in another words, mainly the account managers lead the process. Both reception staff and engineer groups do not earn monthly bonus like account managers, so they are not motivated like sales group are. However, they have to be punctual as account managers are chasing engineers to finish the installation, so that they can earn their bonus. We can argue that they do work for


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