A Balanced Discussion of How Technology Impacts Wellness

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Our Health In The Digital Age
We’re approaching the end of the term. You’ve learned how to think at a higher level this term and how to weigh information based on its level of credibility. You will now put your new thinking skills to good use.
This assignment involves watching a credible FRONTLINE documentary online, and then discussing its content related to health. As you watch, you will find questions below to help you sort the information. You should pause the program to think about and write your answers in detail. If you don’t, you may end up spending time returning to rewatch portions of the program. The last question of the worksheet will ask you to use the other worksheet answers
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1. The clips shown to introduce this program suggest how vital technology is to the interviewees. Though it’s early in the program, discuss your thoughts on the emotional and mental health of a person who make a statement such as, “I can’t live without my cell phone.”

2. The program brings up the fact that families can be at home, but all using different technologies simultaneously. How does this situation affect the health of the family unit? (you may need to return to this question multiple times, as this theme is revisited in the program)

3. Discuss the vast discrepancy between students’ belief that they multi-task well versus the reality generated from scientific brain research that they absolutely do not. 4. Our “best and brightest” students attending the most prestigious and challenging universities are multi-tasking to the extent that their professors are seeing poorer exam performance and overall learning of content than ever before due to distraction. What is the long-term impact of conditioning (training) students to multi-task rather than focus on a single idea or task?

5. Pertaining to question 4, should we lower academic standards to account for distraction by technology? If we do, how do you think students will ultimately perform in professions that involve single-task focus? And how might this impact the progress of our country in the long run?

6. Why is combating distraction


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