Principles of Palliative Care, Chronic and Complex Care

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Introduction Ageing and dying is a normal process and body goes through several changes in whole life. Palliative care is a kind of health care. It is offered to those whose illness cannot be cured. It helps people to live as well as possible while they manage their illness. This assignment discusses the principles of chronic, complex and palliative care. It will also looks at the assessment and management strategies in chronic, complex and palliative care. Furthermore, this will look at case study of 70 year old man diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the right lung. The topics to be covered in this case study are nursing history of the client, nursing assessment, assessment tools and list of care priorities on key issues that …show more content…

He has a current will no. POA pays into a funeral fund. However, has not decided on burial or cremation.

Spiritual consideration – He has no spiritual considerations.

Nursing diagnosis - The first nursing diagnosis is ineffective airway related to secretion, pain, weakness and fatigue. Severe pain related to cancer and affecting daily activities. Furthermore, fear related to situational crises, change health status and perceived threat of death. The last one is deficient knowledge related to treatment, condition, prognosis, and self care.

Nursing Assessment and Assessment Tools

An accurate holistic nursing assessment is important to enhance the quality of life in palliative care patient. Yohannes (2007, p.4) states that assessment of patient’s physical disability, psychological morbidity and impaired quality of life is the foremost step towards planning good end of life care. As Mr. M.S belongs to indigenous culture, it is the responsibility of nurse to provide culture competent care according to his culture, values and beliefs. Nurses are required to provide culturally safe practice because whenever they are interacting with a client they are entering bicultural relationships (Crisp & Taylor 2008, p.119). It is necessary to assess physical symptom of the patient related with cancer such as anorexia, pain, breathlessness, constipation and weight loss. All these symptoms affect


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