Vark Essay

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VARP Learning Styles
Tatyana Badalova
Family Centered Health Promotion
NRS 429V Grand Canyon University

August 14, 2012

VARP Learning Styles
VARK is supposed to be used as a helpful guide to distinguish between learning styles, and help promote correct ways for learning to occur. VARK has several different modalities which include Visual, Aural, Read and Write, and Kinesthetic. The VARK learning system was created in 1992 by Neil Fleming and Mills, and it includes a questionnaire. This questionnaire allows people to pick from multiple-choice options, and afterwards will assess the said persons best learning abilities. The VARK system also provides helpful strategies for more
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Although VARK uses many more specific examples as to how to improve learning, the author of this essay recognizes many characteristics used for personal learning that have come up listed on the author’s preferred learning style. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the author prefers having clear and concise bullet points and summarization of a specific text, and the VARK assessment pointed that out. Because the author falls into the Reading/Writing category, the VARK assessment recommends intaking information and putting the information into specific categories. This would include making lists, writing notes, and even converting notes into a learnable package. In the past, the author has used these techniques successfully in studying and learning, and wasn’t surprised by the outcome of the assessment. The VARK assessment did point out specific suggestions to be used in learning smartly, such as, “organizing any diagrams, graphs…into statements, reading your notes again and again, and imagining your lists arranged in multiple choice questions and distinguishing each from each” (Laite, 2010).
Appraising the effectiveness of current learning strategies and building upon them is a critical skill for every student. Although the author has honed their own study habits through years of hard work in school, there is always room for improvement. Most older students have many more responsibilities nowadays than they had when they were in college, therefore effective time


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