Ethical Issues on Immigration

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Ethical Issues on Immigration There are many issues in the United States. Some of them are more distraught than others. One issue that has recently had a lot of controversy would be immigration laws. Should we put a stop to immigrants coming over United States boarders? Should the immigrants already in the U.S.A. be allowed to stay? These are some questions being asked by today’s society. Immigrants are not all bad; some are very useful to the United States. In society today, it is easy for some people to find issues with immigrants in America, but people also need to remember America was formed by immigrants. Immigrants come from all over the world. Some immigrants are legal and some are not. “According to the Census Bureau, in …show more content…

They are clearly helping to support our system.” Another positive that comes from having immigrants in America is the diverse cultures that are deriving from the immigrants coming into America. The immigrants bring with them different foods, religions, and traditions. This is causing America to expand on their cultural awareness. Some people believe that because of immigration occurring in America, Americans are becoming multilingual and increasing their language skills. Being able to speak more than one language is more common in the other countries, but slowly progressing in America due to the immigration that is occurring. By having a variety of cultures in the United States, people will become more culturally aware. Even though immigrants are adding to the cultural broadness in America, immigrants need to coming into the United States legally to assure that they can live the American dream in the way that Americans do. America was built on immigration, and the fact that people from other countries can come from other countries and live a better life in America than they were living in their home countries. People all over want the world want to be free and live the American dream, doing this in a legal way would help to insure that the immigrants coming to America fulfill their dreams. Although immigration has good qualities it also


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