Healthcare and the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Business Model

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HSA 500-Assignment 5 Health Care
By: Catherine Carr
HSA 500
Strayer University
December 10. 2012

From the video, assess how regulations in the U.S. impact the claims and facts presented in this video. Hypothesize where you think the biggest opportunity will be for the pharmaceutical companies. By 2020 the pharmaceutical market is anticipated to more than double to US$1.3 trillion, with the E7 countries — Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and Turkey — accounting around for one fifth of global pharmaceutical sales. Further, incidence of chronic conditions in the developing world will increasingly resemble those of the developed world. Pharma by 2020 indicates that the current
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Technology promotes more efficient and effective services which impacts prevention.
Technology enhances clinical capabilities within the medical field and is instrumental in the diagnosis, intervention and prevention of diseases. Taking a patients history helps a doctor diagnosis and influence the patient work up process. Why? Genetics; Because of technology doctors now know that genetics play a critical part in possibly passing on diseases from one generation to another, (Geisler, 2008). Another example would be vaccinations. The newest vaccines prevent certain diseases which lead to cancers: e.g. HPV-the human papillomavirus
, which can lead to cervical cancer.
Technology can improve the nation’s health and outcomes, by increasing the public’s expectations and enhancing awareness of the new age of medicine and provisions for better care.
Early disease and improved testing has played a major role in the longevity of life. Doctor are able to use x-rays, MRI’s and CT Scans to better detect and diagnose problems before they become life threatening. According to Torrens (2010) due to such advanced technological capabilities the life expectancy is 75-85 years old in this country and continues to rise every year.
Technology can improve health care services.


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