Asian Americans

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Jose Cruz

Soc/262-Contemporary American Society

Nantrece Carraby

August 10, 2015

Asian Americans According to the United States Census Bureau the definition of Asians refers to those people of origins of any original peoples of Southeast Asia, Far East, and or the Indian subcontinent. Asian Americans cover four point eight percent of the United States population. Asian Americans tend to have the highest educational accomplishments and income compared to other races. Along with other races and ethnicities Asian Americans have a remarkable thorough history.


Cultural value of Asians towards education Educational goals from Asian American parents play a vast role in their children’s
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Asian Families When it comes to Asian families there is a vast group that fall into this category such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Indonesian. There is a diversity between and within these groups that differentiate them like their history, language, and most importantly there demographic outcomes. I will particularly be focusing that of the Chinese families. Chinese families as said by Morrison Wong (1988) “indicates that the Chinese family is the product of social, legal, political, and economic factors interacting with culture through generations of families”. The main reason why I decided to focus on Chinese families for this paper is due to the reason that the majority of Asian Families can trace their roots to those of the traditional family structures of China. In the Asian family there is a patriarchal rule which is roles of male dominance. All women in Asian families must be subordinate to their husband, their father in youth, and their son in old age.
Patrilocal Residence Patterns Yet another rule which Asian families abide is the patrilocal residence patterns. Amongst this rule Asian families whom are married couples live with their husbands families. In the patrilocal culture, when a man marries his wife they are to join him and the father’s home, where they are to raise their children, as the children will also follow the same pattern. The daughters will move in with their


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