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Recommendation Memo, 2/5/2015
Memo – Groggs Peak Company Case Study
Although we were a little more focused on shooting par this past weekend rather than the company, our recent meeting regarding the issue of maximizing energy efficiency has interested me into researching wind turbines and other sustainable practices. As a manager and colleague, I believe it is not in the company’s best interest investing into wind turbines at this time and also due to Carbondale’s low average wind speed. However, I believe there are alternative energy-saving options that could be implemented to lessen Groggs peak energy
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Paragraph 4:
Now Tom, I know you may be thinking this project might be a little too expensive, but with our cash-on-hand and a small loan from the bank, the future benefits of Groggs Peak would be well worth it. I believe that in the long run as we increase the use of renewable energy our energy and utility bills will continue to decrease as well. Also, not only would we be able to take out a loan from the bank, after doing some research on incentives with our financial standing and company location there are numerous state and local programs out there that Groggs Peak is definitely eligible to apply for. Some of these Tax and saving programs include the Green Colorado Credit Reserve and the Colorado Direct Lending Loan Program that are designed to support your company’s energy-saving practices and help reduce the cost and taxes of the projects. By going green and investing into these practices, the state and local programs offer Tax Incentives, Loans, Technical/ Design Assistance, and even discounts on environmental products and services. I have found that we would be able to majorly reduce our costs and Income Tax by joining these programs or applying for grants that give $60-120 per square foot for the base of the ‘green’ project (DSIRE). All of these things are smart incentives that would allow Groggs Peak too limit the costs of its new