Illegal Immigration (Controversial Essay)

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“A nation penetrated every year by some 300,000 illegal aliens…is not a nation experiencing ‘immigration.’ It is a nation experiencing invasion.” (Haerens 109). For centuries, our nation has been a safe haven for people of different cultures and nationalities to inhabit. Since the beginning of America as we know it, our society has been considered a “melting pot” for all ethical backgrounds. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, Europeans flocked to the “New World” in hopes of a more prosperous life. Since then, immigration to the United States has exponentially increased. During the times of the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s, and Ellis island in the early 1900’s, an even larger mass of migrants bombarded into our …show more content…

These numbers have grown exponentially in recent years. Furthermore, those who are willing to work for cheaper wages are replacing the jobs of American citizens. If employers can get cheaper labor, they’ll hire cheaper labor. The native population’s wages are suffering in areas densely populated by immigrants. This is illustrated in several communities, such as Los Angeles, where some wages have dropped by nearly forty percent in the past ten years (Currie 40). Opponents of immigration reforms argue that limiting illegal immigration would destroy our economy because these aliens are willing to take on jobs that Americans would refuse to do. In complete contrast, it is said that the Americans would gladly perform these jobs if wages weren’t forever dwindling in certain fields due to the immigration crisis (Currie 38). Illegal aliens pose a dangerous threat to our nation. Books and documents written in Hebrew and Muslim-related articles have been found along our country’s borders. This only further instills the possibility Middle-Eastern terrorists are sneaking into our country, as well as terrorists of any ethical background. In California, more than twenty percent of those in jails and prisons are illegal aliens. Also, in 2004, more than 30,000 criminal aliens who served sentences in Los Angeles County were released back onto the streets rather than deported back to their homeland. Those 30,000 criminals, all


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