Business Plan for Wash Dry and Guard Detailing

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Bachelors Capstone Final Project

Elizabeth M. Towler

Professor Ernest Norris

Table of Contents

Section 1: Executive Summary (Business Description) 2 Section 2: Code of Conduct 7 Section 3: Marketing Plan (Strategy and SWOT) 11 Section 4: Operations 16 Section 5: Finance 22 Section 6: Cash Flow Analysis 28 Section 7: Information Management 35 Section 8: Management Summary 42 References 50 Appendix 55

Section 1: Executive Summary

When considering the ideal type of business to
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A Sole Proprietor business structure is the most commonly used business structure, and is the typical structure of choice for home based businesses, which is what Wash Dry and Guard Detailing will be (Internal Revenue Service, 2008). Only a modest initial investment will be necessary to start up the business as sales will be made through public venues such as car shoes and flea markets, and detailing services will be completed at the customer’s residence or workplace. As a result, it will not be necessary to raise significant levels of capital through partners or investors. Additionally, the fact that a Sole Proprietor bares all the risk and reaps all the rewards of a business provides the best scenario for the company founder (Internal Revenue Service, 2008).

Wash Dry and Guard Detailing will be a Sole Proprietor business where the founder would act as Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, the business would adopt a leadership foundation that supports an organizational structure with the CEO at the top and a business manager directly under the CEO where they would answer to the CEO alone. Next, several part-time and full time-employees would be hired to perform sales and detailing services activities based on sales volume, seasonal demand and weather conditions. All of these