Marijuana and Sports

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Ever since the recreational use of weed was legalized in the states of Colorado and Washington I’ve wondered how it might affect athletes and sports in those areas. Would athletes be able to smoke as much as they want whenever they cross the states borders? Imagine a United States where the use of marijuana is legal in all 50 states. Athletes whether in college or playing professionally get a ton of publicity for everything they do and are idols to youth across the world. They’re essentially trendsetters. Would seeing Kobe Bryant smoke a joint on television change the general attitude towards marijuana and inspire basketball players across the world to follow? Many think weed would destroy the integrity of sports and would prevent the best …show more content…

There is no universal standard for how much one hit of weed will do to us. Peruzzi found in a Canadian survey shows that 53% of those who treat pain with pot take four or less hits per dose. Peruzzi also asked the question “If I don’t care that I’m in pain, am I indeed in pain?” Most people believe that if don’t feel pain then you’re not actually in pain. “As long as you’re able to cope with the drug’s potency, it can actually be better for you than ibuprofen,” says Dr. Donald Abrams, professor of clinical medicine at the University of California–San Francisco. He also adds, “Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen, and it won’t give you an ulcer.” Given this information it’s hard to say that marijuana may not be a better option compared to the over-the-counter drugs that we use every day.
Earlier this year, a few months after the Oregon Ducks won the Rose Bowl an article was written called “We Smoke It All” by Sam Alipour. It starts off with him retelling an account he recently had with one of the players from the team at a friend’s off-campus apartment. The player is taking weed out of a bag and preparing to smoke. This is normal for the student-athlete who says he doesn’t use bongs and pipes because they “mean more evidence”. Apparently most of his teammates were waiting to smoke until after their winter workouts were over. After that, it becomes a team activity. "It's not just us," he says, taking another hit. "If you


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