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Did the NHL lockout have a negative impact on the organization?

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Did the NHL lockout have a negative effect on the organization?
The National Hockey League (NHL) lockout began on September 15, 2012 at 11:59 pm when the NHL went into a labour dispute with the National Hockey League Players Union (NHLPA). As the NHL season was supposed to start on October 11, 2012 it did not happen. Fans started to grow very angry with the
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This will help them set a base on the newest lockout deal and shows the effect the new lockout will have on salary cap for each team as well as league revenue brought in.

After about a month since the lockout was ended, the NHL seems to have its fan base completely back by already having higher percentages than last year. The players are receiving the same pay as last year so that has not been affect by the lockout. (Brad Ziemer) The main area that has been hurt is the companies that revolve around the NHL, such as food, drinks, and bars. They have not seen the same profit as last year, they believe this is because many fans are not as into the season and just choose to watch it at home. Although they are projected to recover wants the playoffs come around for the NHL (Brad Ziemer). To summarize the effect of the lockout, it had a short-term effect while it lasted and the weeks after it but has fully recovered about half way through the season. So most would say it did have a negative effect on the economy but the NHL would beg to differ in order to save their image.


The NHL lockout actually had a positive effect on the organization as whole, only smaller companies that fed off the NHL experienced a negative effect. As a fan myself it was nice to see them work out a deal that worked for everyone and will last a long period of time and this is why fans will choose to come back and watch games. As for TV broadcasting companies