Consumer Protection Law of Uae

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Consumer Protection Law of UAE

In United Arab Emirates; a new federal consumer protection law has been promulgated. Under which a consumer protection committee formed to monitor the prices of consumer goods. The provisions of the laws advocate the principle of healthy competition and fighting monopoly and commercial fraudulence.

The new legislation is complementing other laws concerning civil procedures, commercial fraudulence, commercial agencies, industry organization and trading in precious gems and metals.

Disregarding any provisions of these laws could lead to violation of other related laws and this itself is enough to ensure strict enforcements.

The law No: 6 of 2006 covers and tackles issues relating to the rights of consumer,
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(24) of 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment ("Law No. 24") which forms the backbone of the Environmental Law within the UAE. We also deal more specifically with Environmental Impact Assessments, the procedure relating thereto and the institutions charged with the responsibility for implementing the Law.
Law No. 24
The objectives and general principles of this Law are the following:
Protection and conservation of the quality and natural balance of the environment.
Control of all forms of pollution and avoidance of any immediate or long-term harmful effects resulting from planning for economic, agricultural or industrial development or other programs aimed at improving life standards.
Co-ordination among the FEA, competent authorities and parties concerned with the protection of the environment and conservation and consolidation of environmental awareness and principles of pollution control.
Development of natural resources and conservation of biological diversity in the UAE and exploitation of such resources with consideration of present and future generations.
Protection of society, the health of human beings and other living creatures from any activities and acts which are environmentally harmful or impede authorised use of the environmental setting.
Protection of the UAE environment from the harmful effects of activities undertaken outside the region of the UAE.
Compliance with


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