Affirmative Action in the Public and Private Sectors

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Affirmative Action in the Private and Public Sector
University of Phoenix
Employment Law
HRM/ 434
Mr. Jemal K. Yarbrough
August 18, 2009

Affirmative Action in the Private and Public Sector Introduction Affirmative Action is constantly seen as an unfair intentional treatment to classes not protected by anti-discrimination laws. This paper will describe the elements of affirmative action and how it applies to employees in the private and public sector. It will also show how affirmative action interacts with Title VII requirements of Equal Employment Opportunity. Why Affirmative Action By Definition affirmative action is the intentional inclusion of women and
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The availability is divided into two studies, one is given the geographic area what is the percentage of the population that represents minorities, and the second one is in comparison to the percentage of the employers current minority workforce percentage, how many are qualified for the open jobs, or can be moved to other positions in order to leave vacancies for other qualified minority employees. This analysis will give a percentage which will be the goal for the plan, referred as “ placement goal” (Bennett-Alexander, & Hartman, 2007 , Pg14), this will be a drive of the uniform hiring procedures and promotions action steps of the plan. Affirmative Action Plans in Private and Public Sector Affirmative Action Plans in the private sector can vary depending of the status of the employer. If the employer is a government contractor or that meets the requirements or government ”public sector” employer than it must comply. On the other hand, voluntary affirmative action can be adopted by any employer even if does not have to comply with executive order 11246, or it has not been sued for discrimination. Voluntary affirmative action plan is an attempt of employers to protect the organization from discrimination liability if they have found that in their workforce there is under representation or


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