State and Federal Systems of Government

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State and Federal Systems of Government


May 29, 2006

State and Federal Systems of Government
Labor and employment laws define US workers' rights and protect s employees from employers' retaliation for exercising our rights under the laws or reporting violations to the proper authorities. As Bennett and Hartman explain, these laws "…seek to make the power relationship between employer and employee one that is fair and equitable" (Employment Law for Business, pg. 88). Employers have to adhere to these basic laws to stay out of court. In this paper I will describe how the federal and state systems of government differ in their application of employment. I will also provide an example of an employment protection that is
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Negotiations concern terms and conditions of employment of employment of employees, such as wages, working conditions, working hours, grievance procedures, and also about the rights and responsibilities of trade unions. The result of these negotiations is called a Collective Bargaining Agreement (Wikipedia Web site).
Other than overtime, equal pay rules, and minimum wage, there are not many labor laws that direct how much employers have to pay employees. In addition, most benefits are not dictated by labor laws (severance, sick-leave, and vacation pay, for instance). Employers can potentially spy on employees without the employees' knowledge; search employees' private properties brought onto a company's premises for security reasons, or terminate an employee at will.
There are a few employment protections that the State of New Hampshire provides which the federal system does not. Worker's Compensation falls under this category. New Hampshire enacted the Worker's Compensation law, which requires employers to provide no fault workers' compensation insurance coverage for employees who might have sustained accidental injuries, occupational disease, or death, "arising out and in the course of employment" (New Hampshire General Court Web site).
On re-instating an employee who has sustained compensable injuries, for instance: Under Chapter 281-A for Worker's


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