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In order to replace human senses, computers needed input devices for perception and data entry. Since computers have been created, there have been many improvements to where they are now and I still believe there is much more to be done with computers. Although computers have their own brain they still do what humans tell them to do. Computers can solve problems and look up certain data, but it is all based upon what it is told to do by the operator. This leads me to the topic of what is still missing. The piece that is still missing from computers being able to replace human senses is the fact that they are not able to think on their own. As mentioned earlier, can operate by producing outcome, but they have to be told what …show more content…

Also, the computer needs these output devices in order to operate. Another big output device for needed by computers in my opinion would be the software used to protect the computers from viruses. What can still be accomplished by computers output devices to improve this area would maybe automatically have these firewalls automatically installed in the computers to protect the computer from any malfunctions. As we all know if a compute were to be impacted by a virus it can affect all the output devices needed by the computer to be able to function properly. In order to be able to permanently store data and information, computers needed storage devices. Storage devices have come an extremely long way. From a floppy disk, to a cd, to a flash drive, to now being able to store online. Storage devices are becoming more and more available with easy access for people to store items. Before documents just used to be stored, but now pictures, videos, documents and so much more are able to be stored on computers. What could still be accomplished to improve this area would be to have more online options available to be able to store data and maybe even offer more free options as well. Having the data accessible where anyone can view but at the same time making sure the data is kept secure and confidential. One major issue you face with housing data online is the protection from hackers.


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